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Natural. Chemical Free. Termite Resistant. Durable.

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All of our designAdeck range is available as either a Dressed, Sawn or diAmond grip upper face.

Cypress designAdeck is a durable, hard wearing decking timber with high termite resistance and low shrinkage.
Our standard size decking boards are:
- 90 mm wide x 20 mm thick
- 90 mm wide x 26 mm thick
- 115mm wide x 26 mm thick (seasonal) (Sawn Face only)

The rough sawn surface has been tested for Slip-Resistance & has achieved a P5 Classification without any applied finish. This makes our decking ideal around pools, spas & steps.

All designAdeck boards are kiln dried, with a pencil round to all 4 corners, to reduce splintering and enhance the performance of coatings.
We do not reed our decking, as this allows for the 'best' face to be chosen.
Cypress decking boards may contain limited amounts of sapwood and should be faced downwards and towards any eaves or roof projections.
(Sapwood is the lighter, creamy coloured part of some cypress decking boards).
Experience has shown that cypress decking boards with a sawn or snakeskin upper face provides a greater long term weathering ability, a better surface 'key' for coatings, and is less prone to surface checking than dressed face boards.

Installation Procedure

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Data Sheets

designAdeck 90/20 | designAdeck 90/26

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