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Cypress is a durable timber with high termite resistance, making it ideal for structural applications such as house, pergola and deck framing.
As a Durability Class 1 timber (above ground), and a Durability Class 2 timber for in-ground applications, it is most suited to beams and posts in external applications.

For standard sizes of sawn cypress (unseasoned), refer to Data Sheet below.

As cypress is a low shrinkage timber (approx. 2%) generally structural material is supplied unseasoned.
(ie: a piece of unseasoned cypress 100 mm wide, when fully seasoned may reduce in size to approx. 98 mm)

Being unseasoned, it is recommended that cypress be end sealed immediately after docking, to reduce end splitting,
with a Timber End Sealer called  "Logshield Clear"  or similar.
If a material is to be coated (eg. oil, paint etc) then this coating can be used as an end sealer. This can be applied liberally and may require several coats.

For in-ground applications it is recommended that the docked end be coated with Bituminous paint or a preservative treatment.

Structural material may be dressed, however, in external applications, experience has shown that sawn cypress provides a greater long term weathering ability,
a better surface 'key' for coatings, and is less prone to surface checking than the dressed cypress.

For information on the installation of structural cypress, refer to  Hints on Fixing Cypress.

Installation Procedure

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Data Sheets


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