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QUMAIN1A_HR.JPG"Lisa Ellis Gardens collaborated with another East Malvern design consultancy, Cycas Landscape Design to create "Quietude" for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015. The Show Garden was awarded a Gold Medal and also the highly coveted "Best in Show"
The aim was to create a garden that was a quiet celebration of outdoor life and horticulture with a strong emphasis on using local materials and local producers. Quietude is an old word meaning a state of stillness, calmness and quiet in a person or a place.
Lisa Ellis Gardens was responsible for soft landscaping and accessories while Cycas Landscape Design took the lead on the 'hard' landscaping elements.
The construction was done by Kiama Landscapes and Pools. MARCH 2015

Frencham Cypress has been supplying Cypress products to various Landscape Designers for their Show Gardens at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show for 3 years in a row....

"It was an enjoyable experience working with Lisa Ellis & Mark Browning this year to create an award winning garden. We had some great input into the suggestions of which Cypress products would work best in the design stage and the end result speaks for itself.

Lisa & Mark came to Frencham Cypress for this show garden because they were after an excellent quality timber, sustainably harvested, and light in colour. Frencham Cypress prides itself not only on these points, but customer service and advise are our number one priority.

Frencham Cypress had to come up with decking options, ceiling cladding and feature supporting beams and posts. We supplied Sawn Face decking in the lower fireplace area & tried out our 40x40 Sawn Face Battens in the BBQ area as something different. We used our new designAclad SNAKESKIN for the ceiling cladding (in a light grey colour) along with a mixture of designAscreen 40x40 Dressed Battens (in a charcoal colour)

The 2 front feature supporting post sections were made up of 125x50 beams with dressed edges and joined together by a stainless steel tube.

'Quietude' was featured on 'Better Homes & Gardens' on Channel 9 Friday night 27th March 2015



Cypress Products Featured:

Decking Cladding for Ceiling Supporting Posts
designAdeck 140/26
designAdeck 90/26

40x40 Sawn section
designAclad 80

Fixing: 7gauge x 50mm Countersunk Type 17,
Grade 316 stainless steel
Sawn Face with Dressed Edges

Exterior Finish:

Lisa Ellis Gardens
Cycas Landscape Design
Kiama Landscapes & Pools
Aquaoil Charcoal

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