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Orbit Architecture

New Residence
Albert Park  VIC




Melbourne’s inner city south has tough heritage controls, but Architect Chris Goss of Orbit Architecture felt confident that the contrast of timber with the masonry would provide a palette sympathetic to the context.

The rich visual quality of the Cypress, sees the boards running vertically, accentuating the climbing nature of the volume.
Inside blends seamlessly with outside as the timber finish works as an external facade and internal lining.

The malleability of the material allows the craftsmanship of Agushi Builders to deliver on Goss’ design intent as exemplified in the sweeping curves of the carport entry mirrored in the fixed entry window and the integrated shutters that conceal the windows of the upper floor.

The result sees the delivery of an integrated vision of sustainability, for the environment and the spirit of the home's inhabitants.


Cypress Products Featured:

Fencing Cladding Decking
140x42 Dressed
Select unseasoned
designAclad 55,  80,   105
Dressed Face
Fixing: S/steel (grade 316) 7 gauge x 50mm self drilling
Type 17, square drive screws in pre-drilled holes
designAdeck 90/26
Dressed Face
Exterior Finish:
Orbit Solutions
Agushi Pty Ltd
Senoke Frencham
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