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"From the beginning of concept design, the Woodend House clients really wanted to explore a monolithic sculptural form, preferably constructed from a smooth rendered brick. As the design evolved we started to explore the idea of a sculptural ribbon-like element that would wrap around the deck, walls, and eaves of the house.

To accentuate the sculptural ribbon element that wrapped around the outside, we were interested in a visually contrasting material to work with on the inside. The inside of the wrap was eventually specified as Frencham Cypress' designAclad 105 due to the material's inherent ability to convey a warm and inviting feeling.

We decided on white cypress chiefly because of it's durability, value for money, and textured appearance. The timber gives the facade a texture and character that contrasts with the rendered and concrete surfaces. The pergola's cypress beams and shading battens are deliberately being left to fade to further differentiate this element from the other building forms."

Woodend House to be in Sunday Age Living By Design - November 2011.

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Cypress Products Featured:

Fencing Cladding Pergola
designAscreen 60/33    
Dressed Face
designAclad 80
Sawn Face
Fixing: S/steel (grade 316) 7 gauge x 50mm self drilling
Type 17, square drive screws in pre-drilled holes
240 x 40 dressed structural members
with designAscreen 75/38 battens
Exterior Finish:
Moloney Architects
Rangeview Homes
Sebastian Gollings

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