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/edit/General/MOLONEY%20ARCHITECTS%20TORQUAY%208A_TN.JPG "As more of Torquay’s semi-permanent residents become permanent residents, many of the town’s original beach house blocks are under pressure to accommodate larger full-time houses.
Unsurprisingly, the built landscape of inner-Torquay is gradually transforming from modest single-storey buildings to imposing double-storey suburban dreams with no backyards.
As one of the first redevelopments in its street, this project seeks to promote a considered design response within its inevitable future double-storey context.
Although the design is large enough to accommodate all the elements of a typical contemporary brief, each space has been rationalised to maximise outdoor space on the small block. The building form is set to one side and runs along the long axis of the site.
The single-room-wide plan maximises light access, promotes natural ventilation, and (most importantly) allows for a decent game of backyard cricket".



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Michael Moloney of Moloney Architects, who designed the new House says;

"A continuous facade of white cypress was used to reinforce the design of the linear upper floor. Downstairs, the timber is used on curved wall between the house and garage that forms the entry way. The vertical Sawn Face designAclad works brilliantly - as it's relatively narrow module (as compared to other materials) allows it to accommodate the curve in plan gracefully.
The timber itself is very tactile - so much so, that few visitors can resist running their hands over it on the way past. As you enter the building the curved timber wall compresses the entry experience against a charcoal coloured concrete-block blade wall. The timber both compliments and contrasts with the heavy blade wall - providing a memorable threshold."

The Torquay house was published in Australia's Best Houses by Gary Tackle



Cypress Products Featured:

Fence & Gates Cladding Pergola
designAscreen 40/40
designAscreen 75/38  
(Sawn Battens)
designAclad 105 
Sawn Face     Kiln Dried

Fixing: 7gauge x 50mm Countersunk Type 17, Grade 316 stainless steel
Sawn Face
Exterior Finish:
Moloney Architects
Hayden Bromley Building
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