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Hints on Fixing Cypress


Whilst a conifer species (softwood), Cypress properties relate more closely to those of a hardwood. It has an extremely dense and tight grain, hence care needs to be taken when fixing, as some splitting can occur.

  • When nailing, blunt, shear or chisel point nails should be used wherever possible.
    This type of nail is generally available for 'Finish' and 'Framing' nail guns. (eg. Bostitch)

  • Where a nail gun is to be used and blunt, shear or chisel point nails are not available,
    removing the points of the nail with a grinder or belt sander prior to installation,
    will reduce the likely hood of splitting.

  • For hand nailing, a better result is achieved when the nail points are blunted slightly, with a hammer prior to nailing.
    For best results, nail holes should be pre-drilled to 80% of the diameter of the nail, particularly when nailing close to ends.

  • All screw fixings should be pre-drilled to the root diameter of the screw to be used.
    For larger diameter screws the application of a small amount of water-proof grease
    can greatly assist in the installation and durability of the fixing.

  • Fixings should be chosen for their corrosion resistance, to suit the environment in which they are to be used.
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