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IMG_4451_HR.JPGdesignAclad®* is an innovative ship-lap, tongue and groove Cladding System for both interior and exterior applications.  
Available in 3 cover widths; 55, 80, & 105mm, with a choice of a sawn face (23mm thick & 36mm thick for designAclad batten) and a dressed face (20mm thick & 33mm thick for designAclad batten), which gives endless design freedom.     The 55 & 80 also comes in a textured SNAKESKIN® finish. (see image on right)
We can supply a wider board (130mm Cover) for combining into random patterns only.

Different board widths & thicknesses, sawn and dressed faces, can be combined to produce banding, random textures, and individuality in both vertical and horizontal applications.

A dressed face reveals Cypress' rich colour and distinctive dark knots, whilst a sawn face gives a more uniform colouring with the knots tending to fade into the background.
Being kiln dried, designAclad® incorporates a tongue and groove profile to lock the boards together in the wall, giving greater long term stability.

All designAclad® is end-matched, which reduces wastage and installation time; gives precise joints and allows staggered joins at any location within the wall, in both vertical and horizontal applications.

A sawn face board will generally 'key' an applied finish and is less prone to surface checking than a dressed face board, leading to an increased service life for the cladding and finish.

We also have available other products produced from Cypress, to compliment designAclad®.

* designAclad® is an innovative Cladding System with a Registered Design, produced from Australian Cypress.


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