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Cypress, the tree

Australian Cypress, Callitris Glauca, is a native conifer species that yields a timber of elegant grain that is both highly durable and has exceptional and proven natural termite resistant qualities. Sourced from NSW, the timber is harvested from intensively and sustainably managed forests, consisting principally of natural regrowth trees, managed by Forests NSW.

The introduction of the Australian Forestry Standard, AS4708, certifies sustainable & enviromentally, best practice in Forest Management.

White Cypress is generally referred to as Cypress or Australian Cypress. A Cypress tree generally has a sapwood ring of 25 - 38mm in width, pale yellow to blonde in colour. The heart wood can range in colour from dark chocolate through to pale fawns and has distinctive tight dark knots. It has a distinctive smell which is more noticeable when freshly cut or sanded.

Even though it has a high oil/resin content (which gives its natural durability and termite resistance) there is no leaching, hence concrete, brickwork and paving are not subject to staining.
Whilst a conifer species, (softwood), Cypress properties relate more closely to those of a hardwood. It has an extremely dense and tight grain, hence care needs to be taken when nailing, as some splitting can occur.



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