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Georgie Kearney of Billard Leece Architects, who designed the new GEELONG SUPER CLINIC says;

The GEELONG SUPER CLINIC in Belmont, Victoria has recently been completed and opened by Prime Minister Gillard.
Billard leece Partnership has designed the building to create a medical clinic that transformed the clinical to produce a more approachable and less institutional form.

The timber (cypress) cladding was selected for aesthetic and practical reasons. The Class 1 timber has an extensive product life appropriate for a medical building, and requires minimal maintenance.
The architectural design utilises the timber to not only evoke the tree canopies historially located on the site, but to create an expressive architectural facade. The board and batten style, (designAclad Batten 55) dressed and stained, was selected for the lower of the building to create a finely articulated base, whilst the simpler vertical unstained sawn boards, (designAclad 105) above, will weather to provide a contrast in texture and colour.

"The sustainable nature of the product, the natural appearance, and affordability, made Australian Cypress a compelling choice for the building" said Design Architect Georgie Kearney.

designAclad 105 Sawn
mixed with designAclad 80 Dressed
and designAclad Batten 55 Dressed

Cypress Products Featured:

Cladding Fixings

designAclad 105 Sawn Face  mixed with;
designAclad 80 Dressed Face & designAclad Batten 55 Dressed Face         
Fixing: S/steel (grade 316) 7 gauge x 50mm 
Type 17, square drive screws in pre-drilled holes
Exterior Finish:
Billard Leece
Kane Constructions
Quantum Timber Finishes
Senoke Frencham
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