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diAmond grip

FRENCHAM CYPRESS has recently launched their new TEXTURED decking called diAmond grip.

Our diAmond grip comes with a beautiful textured pattern on the face of our slip resistant decking, so you can create a unique look for your projects.

The textured surface has been tested for Slip-Resistance & has achieved a P5 Classification without any applied finish. This makes our diAmond grip decking ideal around pools, spas & steps.

diAmond grip is a naturally durable decking product, produced from Australian Cypress.
Australian Cypress is a native species that is hard wearing & highly termite resistant. Unlike some timber species, cypress does not leach tannins.

All cypress used in diAmond grip is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

/edit/project_gardenshow/IMG_930B_TN.JPG diAmond grip™ data sheet

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